Splitting headache

by Griffin O'Hara

Jesus, what a headache.

Had a pretty good workout today, despite not eating almost all day. I guess that’s an anorexic habit that’ll always stick with me.

Then I had a huge dinner of about 1 and 3/4 lbs of ground turkey and a little less than 2 cups of rice. Couldn’t finish the last 1/4 lb of turkey and rice to round it up to 2 lbs of turkey and 2 cups of rice. Probably would have thrown the dinner up, if I had. I like the idea of having two huge meals. Whole lot less cooking and stress, and I’d be totally okay with that.

So, I’m gonna put the workout I had today down here, before I forget. 

  • Incline bench 5×5, 3×5 @ 143, 2×5@133
  • Fronts 220 5×5 (owch)
  • Close grips 174 3×5 
  • #60 2×12 pullovers + #25 2×12 incline db flies

Decent, considering I’m just coming off the flu and a couple weeks of unsteady lifting.

Helped coach a friend through some squats. She wore yoga pants, and I felt helpless in their presence.

I wasn’t gonna write today but, I lied.

I finished Her, and it was fantastic. Joaquin Phoenix can act like a motherfucker. The movie was great all around. Watch it.

Listened to Sun Kil Moon’s new album. Pretty cool. Bonnie Prince Billy now. I still don’t get him.

I’m not trying to name drop or be elite. OR even be an apologist. Can’t write P.C. content these days, so fuck you guys.

Got the two straight razors, too. They’re in decent shape. Can’t wait til I sharpen em up. I’m still keeping the beard, though.

Looked up a couple of forest ranger jobs. They look awesome. Will investigate further.

That’s all for tonight. Peace.