by Griffin O'Hara

Soooooooooooooo, I hate when you have to pause a song in the middle of it. I’m at my laptop and some water in the microwave is ready. Life is difficult.

I remember meeting this singer for GEMS, who used to be in the band Birdlips (in one of the only concerts I’ve been to) and he was genuinely a nice dude. He listened to me complain about my bullshit freshman-year problems, and genuinely empathized with me. He even gave me a free signed poster, which ended up ruined when a roommate (or I) spilled something on it.

The guy—Clifford Usher—is some kind of hero to me, even though I haven’t even followed his band(s). It just seems incredible that a person would do that for someone they don’t even know. I admire the guy for what he did, and he’s turned into some kind of distantly-remembered idol of mine.

I read about this book, Gould’s Book of Fish: A Novel in 12 Fish by Richard Flanagan. I must have it. I don’t even know why. I’ll force myself to see if I can get it from the library first. STAY CALM, GRIFFIN. STOP SPENDING MONEY YOU DON’T NEED TO SPEND.

I’m not a frivolous person when it comes to spending, but I have to pay a lot of money for food (try to gain weight on less than 50 bucks a week, in DC) and rent. So I’ve always been tight when it comes to spending money elsewhere. I think this is a good habit to develop, since I try to minimize my possessions. I used to keep everything, but I think I’m better off with as few things as possible, even though it’s slightly more difficult.

I feel like I’ve been coming off as pretentious and preachy lately. Goddamn. Like, I really wanted to use the word “sermonizing” instead of preachy, but that’s even preachier, which isn’t peachy.

I just exhaled and my breath smells like flowers. Flowers with that late spring sweetness.

I accidentally went on a three hour walk today. It was pretty cold outside. But on the upside, I did get some genmaicha (basically ghetto green tea with toasted rice) and some green tea.

Stuck to the two meal plan today, as well. Eating 2-3 lbs of food in one sitting is hard. Possible, though.

Been feeling a bit lonely lately. Worried that acknowledging it will make me feel even lonelier. Shit. Actually, I’m sure I’ll live. Just need to see a couple of friends, and I’ll be alright.

How are you guys doing?