Arrival, employment, and shooting shit

by Griffin O'Hara

Sooooo, I got back quite a while ago. Quiiiite a while. Delayed posting, cause I’m lazy. From Utah, I drove over to Canyonlands National Park and backpacked there. Dehydration set in. I swear, I brought plenty of water. Also: I clearly need to start backpacking with a map and a compass.

If you haven’t realized, I’m quite a dumbass at times. Foolhardy is perhaps a kinder word.

It’s been really nice being back. Got to catch up with old friends, which is always excellent. My parents are awesome, though  they frequently drive me nuts (and I’m sure I do the same to them). Family is ridiculous. It’s such a strong bond.

I guess I’ll quickly summarize what I’ve been up to the past three weeks or so.

  • Quite a lot of fishing. Mostly at Pikeview, once at Quail Lake (damn those Carp), and ooonce at one of the Catamounts. I can never remember which one.
  • Not much catching of the fish.
  • New temporary job at Mile High Youth Corps (til November 7th). I work in the fire mitigation crew. I pick up lots of trees. Chainsaws are everywhere. Super tough work, but it’s exactly as badass as it sounds. No clue what to do next, but suggestions will be thought-upon. I like that hyphen. It’s staying.
  • I went to a Zen meeting once. It was cool. I couldn’t understand shit. But uhh, twenty minutes passes fast when you have your eyes closed.
  • Helped brew a batch of Seven Wolves IPA at Great Storm Brewing.
  • Traded in a bunch of old books for some new ones: one on container gardening, a memoir of time spent at a Zen temple, a story of hiking the appalachian trail, chinese hermits, a book on sushi.
  • Found a couple of sweet coffee shops right by where I live. Kawa Coffee and Stir, here’s looking at you.
  • Watched LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring, the extended edition.
  • Shot a .50 cal sniper, and a grenade launcher.
  • Went to Boulder, hiked, and visited a distillery (303? Potato Whiskey?!?!?) and Avery Brewing while there. Gawked as people lit joints in public. WHAAAAT.
  • Hiked not nearly enough.
  • Started weightlifting the day after I arrived here. And it is beautiful.
  • Made my own granola/pickles/stuff
  • Ate at Chipotle and Qdoba’s (ha, motherfuckers)
  • Drank some Colorado beer around the firepit in the backyard
  • Crashed a party at Bristol

Well, thaaaat’s most of it. It’s been real fun. I like it here.