Now Would be a Good Time to Write Something

by Griffin O'Hara

But what to write? I don’t know. Probably doesn’t matter at this stage. If you’re reading this, thank you for indulging my indulgences. And for putting up with that sentence.

So, I went to Sportsman’s today and bought some fishing gear: wire leader, some 8 lb fluorocarbon, a crawdad crankbait, and a huge-ass Rapala crankbait (full disclosure: I always get the terms crankbait and jerkbait confused, so be wary). The fluoro is to replace the .99 cent spool of 12# mono that I bought from Walmart. I swear the fish see that thing coming from a mile away. The crawdad cause I keep seeing crawdads at the places I fish, and I figure I could use an imitation. The huge Rapala for (hopefully) Northern Pike. Pike are such prehistoric, cool looking fish. I’ve been dreaming of catching one and making Pike Almondine. I dunno if either will happen, but one can dream. I’m not even sure if the dish is called that.

Lately I’ve still been sifting through Shadow Country by Peter Matthiessen, and have been making much better progress with Karl Ove Knausgaard’s My Struggle, which I am reading along with a cool friend. I’m really glad I don’t have to analyze books anymore. It’s always seemed a ridiculously shitty and dumb thing to do to a book.

Also went to Amy’s Doughnuts again, and got four doughnuts (in the order of consumption): Lemon Crumb, 3/4 of Cake Pistachio, 1/2 of Maple Pumpkin, 1/4 of Pistachio, 1/2 of Maple Pumpkin, Strawberry Frosted. I was unhappy with the Pistachio, but otherwise everything was delicious, as usual. I’ve been kind of working a cheat meal into my week, and it’s been pretty successful. It used to be a whole day of junk, but after having to ride a wave of nausea to bed one day, I realized my body just couldn’t handle that anymore (brag). The cheat meal seems moreĀ fulfilling, as well, because I can plan a ridiculously disgusting meal, and not feel guilty about it at all. I don’t think I’ll ever be super militant about my diet, but I like eating healthy because: A. it usually tastes better, and B. there’s no guilt.

Don’t get me started on eating morally. I still have yet to solve that conundrum, even though I have strong feelings about it. Usually health and moral eating seem to go hand in hand, though. Grass fed beef being better for you, omega 3’s, less saturated fat, etc. Organic veggies having more nutrients, etc etc.

Also been working on refining my bedtime routine. I think I’ve had sleeping problems for almost a decade now. I’ve mostly managed to get it under control, even if I dislike the idea of spending 8-9 hours in bed, plus the additional hour or so of pre-bedtime preparing (read: getting all my chores done). I’ve been meditating intermittently to control my stress and to improve the quality of my sleep. I’ve also been trying to read before bed. I think I will also add two more things: making some sort of to-do list before sleep, to help me relax, and to cut off all electronic use an hour or two before bed. Looking into curbing water and food consumption before sleep.

Lately I think worrying about getting a good night of sleep has actually made my sleep poorer. Only in the 21st century would such a frivolous problem exist. I’ll occasionally wake in the middle of the night and run to the toilet, ready to throw up, take a breather, then struggle to head back to sleep. I’m a worrier. But some things are too silly to worry about. Unfortunately, haven’t gotten myself to believe that yet. I think I just want to do a really good job at work, so I worry about my sleep affecting my performance at work as well.

Never fear, though. I’ll figure that dumb shit out.

So, my job at MHYC is about to end. This is the final week. I’ve been applying to other places, and will likely continue to do so the next week or two. Also been thinking about resuming knife-sharpening as a way to make some money on the side. Will keep everybody notified, job-wise.