Going Nowhere, Fast

by Griffin O'Hara

That Rapala jerkbait I mentioned in the previous post? Sailed into Spinney on the first cast.

If nothing, fishing teaches me humility. It’s almost more about the time I get to stand outside and think, than a fish on the end of my line.

Life teaches me a lot of things, but sometimes I do not listen.

Recently, I’ve been half-heartedly looking for another job. I cannot figure out why I’ve been dragging in the quest for a new job. I think I feel pulled in different directions by what I’ve been looking for out of my life, leading me to queue away my days on Netflix.

I think I’m also afraid because picking up a new job, especially one you know nothing about, is fucking tough. I loved my last job at MHYC, but I only really grew closer to my coworkers the last week. Otherwise, I would bury myself in my work, promise to work the hardest, and get through the day with just coffee, solitude, and no small amount of anger.

I think I am also frustrated because I want to be working towards a tangible career, but I have a limited understanding of how to get there. Knowing that the sort of jobs I need are scarce in winter does not help much.

But complaining doesn’t help me.