Watching Stuff and Reading Stuff

by Griffin O'Hara

Sooooooooooo, fresh from the library with a couple of books. Pynchon’s Bleeding Edge, and Lowry’s Under the Volcano. Pretty psyched about both, plus I just miss reading Pynchon. Ahh. Nostalgia. Definitely a fanboy of his, because who else has such an explosive voice? Pynchon screams what he wants to be said, and I appreciate that more than hiding behind political correctness or relying on the strictures of art. Plus, dude’s funny. Funny people are just better than regular people.

Been watching movies, reading a bit. But I’m all movied out right now. Read The Martian by Martian Weir in about a day and really enjoyed it. I didn’t know it was possible to be so engaged by numbers and science. Also read The Magician’s Land by Lev Grossman, which was a great cap to the trilogy. I enjoy alternating between tougher books and books that I designate strictly as pleasure reading.

Enjoyed Broad City, True Detective, the second season of Maron and Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Jerry Seinfeld is never not funny, and coffee just gives me another reason to watch Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Maron is the guy I’ll grow up to be, should I be single the rest of my life. Broad City is just hilarious, and makes everything bad about my generation funny and therefore somewhat acceptable. True Detective is True Detective, and I was really late to this, but am already looking forward to season 2 (Not to mention the upcoming seasons of Game of Thrones and House of Cards).

Rewatched the first two parts of the Hobbit, plus caught the third in the theater. Lord of the Rings, my love for you is eternal and undying (in spite of that ridiculous barrel rafting/fight scene).

Dad bought some new weight plates, so I can work towards a more impressive deadlift, whicccch excites me. I’ll post something once my numbers are better. I’ve been starting to work in a bit more of stationary biking, in the hopes of hashing (running+beer) once the weather warms up. I don’t like being out of breath and immobile, and would like to be more capable, physically speaking. I’ve also started adding in some bodyweight progressions (front lever, L-sit, handbalancing) into my routine, because bodyweight stuff is generally way more fun than mobility work, and actually makes you stronger.

Visited a doctor about a month and a half ago, apparently I may have torn a small muscle in my left shoulder (and continued weightlifting, despite having torn it about a year ago). On top of that, messed up my right shoulder pretty bad a little after that visit. Needless to say, I’ve figured out what has led to those injuries, and am looking forward to benching and pressing again. Will have to visit a physical therapist for both shoulders before doing so, though.