by Griffin O'Hara

  • I have a new favorite word (see above)
  • Fruit beer sucks ass
  • Artificially flavored alcoholic beverages are even worse
  • Monica is the hottest castmember on Friends
  • Watch Skeleton Twins if you haven’t already
  • There is no such thing as too many headshots (John Wick)
  • I miss the days of Halo multiplayer
  • Mogwai makes good writing music
  • Music with spoken lyrics gets annoying real quick when you don’t know what’s being said.
  • Does proliferation devalue content?
    • Or perhaps a better way of saying it: does quantity reduce quality?
  • Fountain pens are the like transmitting your thoughts directly to paper
  • What if Harry Potter accidentally looked into one of Dumbledore’s steamier memories when he first found the pensieve?
  • Why did I just realize that pensieve = pensive?
  • Astronauts are the cowboys of the future
  • I sometimes wish I were an astronaut
  • Somebody read China Mieville, please
    • Did his parents give him that name?
  • Sandra Bullock in Gravity. Bullllllshit. But pretty good, all things considered.
  • I need to start a garden
  • Carpentry (or any kind of woodworking) seems like an admirably useful skill
  • Which leads to a quicker end: ignoring the environment or an escalating conflict?
  • Excited for physical therapy. Weird.
  • Want vs. need
  • Barbell squats suck. Front squats suck less.